As many people know, it is my personal goal to have Crescent Beach re-opened as soon as possible. While the journey to do so has taken some twists and turns, we are finally making great progress. Here is an update on this progress and immediate next steps.

In 2017, a report was finalized by engineering firm Dvirka and Bartilucci identified a number of outflow pipes in the stream that emptied into Crescent Beach. Then Glen Cove Mayor Spinello, representatives from the Nassau County’s Board of Health and Department of Public Works and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), along with then Councilman (now Mayor) Tim Tenke and I met to review the report’s findings. It was agreed that the DEC would become the “lead agency” in this investigation.

The DEC visited the area and identified at least eight pipes that were leaking. The DEC contacted the homeowners that could possibly be involved with these pipes, asking them to contact the DEC by January 15, 2018. (I do not know the exact number of homeowners who responded, but I was told all of them had and their responses were positive.)

On January 22, 2018, the DEC’s Regional Water Engineer, Tony Leung, P.E., wrote a letter to Mayor Tenke and me that requested our assistance in the investigation by providing surveys, site plans, as well as to arrange for remote television inspection in sections of the pipes in question.

With this request for assistance, the County was now given the authority to secure the funds for the cameras. I am pleased to report that these funds were secured and hope to have the pipes inspected and traced by the cameras in the near future. Since frozen pipes will halt the inspections, work will begin in the spring after they are thawed enough to avoid this potential problem.

I understand the frustration some residents have with the amount of time this process has taken. Please know I share this frustration, but know that we are doing everything possible to have these pipes corrected. Once that is done, we hope to have the bacteria level brought down and the beach re-opened. I, for one cannot wait!