Preparing for West Shore Road Project

Reviewing Site With Local Officials

In anticipation for the upcoming repair project, a group of local officials met at Beekman Beach to review the damaged sea wall and railing along West Shore Road. Right to left: Mill Neck Mayor Peter Quick, Nassau County Legislator Delia DeRiggi-Whitton, Bayville Mayor Douglas Watson, Bayville Deputy Mayor Kate Naughton, Barry Lamb of Friends of the Bay, Village of Lattingtown Deputy Mayor Janet Connolly.

After decades of discussion and revision, a final plan has been announced by Nassau County for the repair and renovation of West Shore Road. As early proposals for extra features like a bridge to Rye or a bike path had created years of community debate, Delia DeRiggi-Whitton, county legislator for the district, recently hosted a group of local officials at the site to explain the actual plan as it now stands. DeRiggi-Whitton will soon announce the date for a follow-up public meeting where full information will be provided to residents.

West Shore Road has been deemed dangerous and approaching “unusable.” The sea wall is crumbling and the railing is rusted and falling apart. There will be a concrete and railing system put in. The sea wall will be made sound.

“I have been enthusiastically pushing for this project to go to bid. West Shore Road has needed repairs for quite a long time,” the legislator said. “The Office of the 18th Legislative District, under Diane Yatauro, really spearheaded this effort for years and I was happy to get involved as things have finally started coming together. Along with the Department of Public works, a lot of work went into trying to come up with a plan that was best for the environment and public safety, while reflecting the desires of the community as much as possible.”

The West Shore Road project is two miles in total, to be done in three phases, each one taking about 18 months from bid through completion. The first phase will involve renovation starting at the light at Cleft Road to about 2,000 feet north of that area. That 2,000 foot stretch will be a one way throughout construction. Detours will be posted as that area will have a traffic delay. (Only local traffic should use the road.)

Funding for the West Shore Road project comes from a capital plan approved in 2009 that has gone through NIFA approval this year and is on a list of emergency projects. The Department of Public Works estimates each phase of the project to cost from $6 million to $8 million.

As the beach along West Shore Road is protected, the repair project was also deemed necessary by the Department of Environmental Conservation. The group did not want any more concrete “gabions” – concrete blocks in wire – serving as temporary reinforcement to the failing sea wall. Along with the DEC, the county has had to coordinate and get permits from the NY Department of State, the Army Corps of Engineers, National Fish and Wildlife and NOAA. The Office of the 18th LD and the Department of Public Works have also tried to incorporate input from Friends of the Bay and community concerns.

LIPA power lines will be put totally underground throughout the three phases. The county is also working with Cablevision to have them put their lines underground at the same time as county construction.

The road will not be noticeably raised because community members protested this. It is, however, being constructed so that the gradient is best to direct the flow of water back into the catch basin at either end to mitigate flooding.

There will not be bike path or sidewalk. (The urgent goal is to repair the dangerous roadway.) There will be a walkable shoulder. It will remain a two-lane road.

The boundaries are not changing and encroaching onto properties.


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