Sewer Privatization – Delia Speaks at Forum

Selling Off Our Assets While Raising Our Rates?

Legislator Delia DeRiggi-Whitton with Legislators Dave Denenberg and Carrié Solages at a community meeting in Valley Stream on sewer privatization.

Legislator Delia DeRiggi-Whitton recently met with Nassau County residents on the issue of sewer privatization. She joined fellow legislative caucus mates  Carrié Solages and David Denenberg at a community forum in Valley Stream.

The legislators spoke to concerned constituents about some of the issues involved in handing over Nassau County’s sewer system to a private company.

For one, Legislator DeRiggi-Whitton has questioned the deal between Morgan Stanley and Nassau County, which she says seems to favor the investment bank and put taxpayers at risk. She believes that Morgan Stanley has an incentive to set up a deal that is not the best for our residents.  READ HER COLUMN ON THE MORGAN STANLEY DEAL

In general, the legislators voiced 3 majors concerns if the sewer system was privatized:

1) Residents will pay more for sewer service. Research shows that rates co go up by 500%.

2) If a private company were to invest $865 million into our sewer system, it would be to make a profit. Private companies are meant to make a profit, which is good. But the legislators asserted that the government shouldn’t help companies profit off of taxpayers by letting them charge more for the same service.

3) Private companies could be under less scrutiny and oversight than a public utility. The county executive’s plan could be creating a dangerous and hazardous situation.

Local newspapers covered the meeting. Read about it in:

Newsday – “Sewer System Plan Murky On Details”

Oyster Bay Guardian – “Nassau County’s plan to privatize sewers greeted with skepticism is Oyster Bay”


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