Letter to County Executive Mangano on Crescent Beach

Open Letter to County Executive Mangano:

I am formally requesting that Nassau County undertake a pressing environmental effort in Glen Cove. We need to connect roughly 75 homes around Crescent Beach to our county sewer system. Much like the situation that was remediated for the Birches community in Locust Valley recently, the Crescent Beach community – along with all residents of the greater Hempstead Harbor area – would benefit from the action that I am recommending.

Since 2009, contaminants coming from faulty septic systems in just one, or a handful, of homes around Crescent Beach have 1) prohibited swimming due to the related health hazard and 2) adversely affected efforts to reclaim shell fishing territory in Hempstead Harbor.

As a Glen Cove City Councilwoman, and now a County Legislator, I have been watching for years as the City of Glen Cove, the Nassau County Department of Health and the NY State DEC have tried to track the source of the contaminants. We obviously need to come at the problem from another angle in order to secure a permanent solution.

Chief Sanitary Engineer Joseph Davenport, P.E. of Nassau County Public Works has been very helpful in explaining the situation to me. He was good enough to provide, in general terms, what would need to be done. The area will need a pump station, and some additional connection construction.

Being mindful of our county’s financial situation, I have been discussing the process at the Federal and State level. I understand that grants could be available through the NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation. I urge your administration to explore these opportunities. I am also happy to take the lead on that process.

We have 69 miles of county sewer in Glen Cove right now. Leaving these few remaining homes out of service is causing far too great of an impact to ignore.

Legislator Delia DeRiggi-Whitton, 18th Legislative District


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