Letter on West Shore Road Safety

West Shore Road Bike Safety

I applaud John Quirk and the other local cyclists from my district (and all over Long Island) who have brought various important issues and ideas to my attention.

They have pointed out that safety measures could be available on West Shore Road that might satisfy cyclists without the need for an actual path. My research with groups like Tri State Transportation Campaign and New York State DOT confirm that there might be some good options.

I ask that the county executive’s administration and Department of Public Works would hold a meeting with me and the Committee for a Safe West Shore Road to explore whatever actions we can take to ensure safety for everyone on West Shore Road.

Nassau County Legislator Delia DeRiggi-Whitton, 18th LD


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2 Comments on “Letter on West Shore Road Safety”

  1. Cap
    August 25, 2012 at 7:23 am #

    It’s not just about the bikes. Its about the motorists; and these motorists getting around and past the bikes and joggers and unwieldy new 12″6′ clearance trucking while constrained by hedges, guardrail and a miniscule shoulder. From the Village of Bayville, West Shore Road is a commuting road, and the outlet to the train stations from those without cars. We need the county to adopt better NYS DOT standards for safety, especially if $30,000M will be spent of taxpayer money. Don’t build a White Elephant that will lose elections and lose lives.

  2. jake jacobi
    September 18, 2012 at 7:40 am #

    While driving on West Shore Road today, as I do every day, the truck in front on me was so large that it had to drive at 20 MPH, as it rode over the double yellow line,(an infraction of the law) on numerous occasions.The driver appeared to be driving to the best of his/her ability, however the encroaching shrubbery on the west portion of the road is so overgrown that it covers the white line that defines the lane. This results in the driver having drive over the double yellow line or risk damage to the vehicle. God forbid someone was walking or riding there!!! To further exasperate the problem we all face daily,,the train tressel was raised an additional 2′ to allow larger vehicles to navigate an already dangerous road. Our officials, who are elected by us, to represent us, need to do the right thing by us. There is an opportunity for them to make a difference, and the final decision will be a statement on their priorities. As voters we need to have our voices heard, we hired them, they need votes to keep their jobs, so please spread the word!

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