Email to LIPA

An email I was forced to send to LIPA’s government relations head, who was hostile to my office when I tried to explore LIPA’s emergency plans earlier this year:

To: Tracy Burgess-Levy; Nicholas Lizanich

Subject: LIPA area updates


It is frustrating that after having myself and staff dedicate hours to your bi-daily update municipal calls, not only do we not have enough clear information on what has been going on in my district, but now officials have been told not to ask area specific questions on the call.

We have been given a government hotline where a very cordial, hardworking person takes our information. However, we don’t get enough information back and we don’t get confirmation that concerns we’ve forwarded are dealt with. So, we need a better way of truly interacting substantively with LIPA to assist our constituents with a restoration that has now taking too long. (Further, the government hotline hasn’t even been working for quite a long time- it just gets a busy signal.)

People have now been without power for many days in freezing weather. Frustration is compounded by the fact that in many areas there is no serious damage. Many people are getting alarmed that their nearby neighbors have power and they don’t. So, people are demanding some information on why that is that case now is so many places. Further, we do not seem to have the volume of crew that the municipal contact promises me are in each area. I have been personally driving around the district taking account of outages and crews.

I need a full update on specific issues for the following areas, what that issue is and what the timeline is for restoration:

Sea Cliff
Glen Head
Glen Cove
The Brookvilles
Mill Neck
Centre Island
Locust Valley


Nassau County Legislator DeRiggi-Whitton, 18th LD
(516) 571-6218


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