Nassau County’s Flawed Contract Process

Accused of bringing the government to a grinding halt for a political agenda by the Administration, Leg. DeRiggi-Whitton said The Majority are being “obstructionists” to contracting reforms. “We are not going to put more money into a contracting process that we think is flawed,” Delia said.

There has been a tremendous amount of press over the past two years about the County’s contracting process. District Attorney Singas considers the current contract process as “a recipe for corruption.” The Minority Legislature Caucus completely agrees and knows it must stand firm in its intent to secure an Inspector General to oversee the entire contract review and award process to ensure “sweetheart deals” and other improper methods of contract allocation ceases.

We must stand firm and we must stand united. The decision is a simple one. All they need to do is approve hiring an Inspector General, but the Majority refuses.

We hope the referendum passes this November so an Independent Inspector General can be obtained.


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